A man from Mildenhall who died in February had been diagnosed with asbestosis years previously, a court heard. 

An inquest opened into the death of Norman Jolly on Friday.

The court heard that Mr Jolly, 81 and originally from Clare, had been exposed to asbestos during his working life. He was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2006. 

He died in West Suffolk Hospital on February 24 this year.

Last week, the court heard that John Wright, also 81, had been exposed to the toxic substance during his career as a labourer and builder. Mr Wright died on December 30 last year. 

Asbestos used to be commonly used in insulation and fireproofing, before it was banned in 1999. It is now illegal to buy, sell, or import any substances containing asbestos.  The substance is dangerous as it can break down into microscopically thin particles which can remain airborne for days. 

When these are breathed in by individuals, the particles can travel into a person’s lungs and become lodged in the lung tissue.