Roads in a Suffolk seaside town could potentially have 20mph speed restrictions, despite Prime Minister Rishi Sunak panning the 'blanket' use of the measures.

Southwold Town Council's roads committee is commissioning traffic surveys and considering the possibility of implementing the limits all over the town, while hoping highways authority Suffolk County Council will make an exception to its policy so the 20mph restriction can be applied to A roads.

Currently, the county council does not allow the implementation of 20mph limits on A and B roads.

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The A1095, which links up with the A12, is one of the main roads into the town.

However, the committee unanimously rejected proposals for a one-way system and residents permit parking in the town.

Opinion had been split on the one-way system during a drop-in session held in the town in September.

This system would have encouraged motorists to park up, rather than drive through the high street, potentially endangering pedestrians walking along the narrow pavements.

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But the committee is instead favouring the 20mph limit to alleviate problems with traffic in Southwold, along with other changes to ease congestion, such as the removal of parking spaces opposite The Little Fish and Chip Shop in East Street.

Further plans are also being drawn up to widen the usable road in York Road and the parking on The Common.

In September, Mr Sunak said he was 'slamming the brakes on the war on motorists' and criticised the 'blanket' implementation of 20mph zones, although he conceded it 'made sense' to have 20mph restrictions near schools.

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His comments came after the Labour-run Welsh government opted to drop the default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on restricted roads.

But Southwold Mayor Simon Flunder said: "I think we have got to be specific about our area and we have potential safety issues in the town.

"We are looking to reduce safety issues and one of the proposals that seems to be supported by the public is a 20mph speed limit."

East Suffolk councillor David Beavan, who represents Southwold, wants new measures to be introduced to ease congestion and improve pedestrian safety.

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He added: "There are some good points in both schemes that we can take forward.

"It is also good to have unanimous agreement on a few safety measures so that we can get some balls in the net straight away.

"A 20mph limit for the whole town monitored with cameras would be a big step forward."

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