Plans for a three-storey building with six one-bedroom flats in a Suffolk town have been turned down.

Mid Suffolk District Council refused permission for the block of flats in Stowmarket, on the grounds of location, contamination risks and noise issues.

The application, which was submitted in August, was for a block of flats to be built on ground which already had planning permission for an office block.

This was one of the reasons the application was refused, with the council report stating: 'The application site is located in an area where residential development is supported, but also on a site where employment uses are protected.'

The report also states that the application has 'failed to demonstrate that the site is suitable for residential development in respect of potential land contamination risks.'

The flats were proposed to be built on land off Creeting Road West, situated in close proximity to Stowmarket railway station, causing the council to be concerned about noise and vibration for future occupants.