Do you have a least favourite junction while driving in Suffolk?

We asked our readers for the worst junctions when they are out on the county's roads, here are the five most popular answers. 

1. A140/A1120 junction

The A140 junction with the A1120 in Earl Stonham was one of the most common answers from our readers. 

In August the road was closed in both directions after a serious crash involving a lorry and a tractor near the junction. 

A man was airlifted to hospital as a result of the crash.

2. Bell Lane/Foxhall Road

Another junction that came up numerous times was the Bell Lane and Foxhall Road junction on the outskirts of Ipswich. 

One person said on social media that the junction is a "nightmare" for drivers. 

3. A12/A1094

The junction at Friday Street came up more than once when we asked our readers for the worst in Suffolk with some readers describing it as "horrendous". 

4. A11/Tuddenham Road

Described as "horrible" by Sam French those looking to cross the A11 from Tuddenham Road have to join the A11 and almost instantly get into the inside lane to get to the slip road. 

5. A143/Brand Road/Thurston Road

The crossroads by the Bunbury Arms in Great Barton has been branded one of the worst junctions in the county by our readers. 

Do you agree with all the junctions listed?