A frustrated homeowner in a Suffolk seaside town appears to have been placing notes on legally parked cars warning motorists not to park there, with one saying 'your parking is disgraceful'.

The unnamed Southwold resident has written a note, seen by the EADT, in green ink, inserted beneath the windscreen wiper on the front window of a car which says that the driver's parking was forcing people to 'walk miles' and asking 'is that fair to us locals?'

The missive, in an unknown street within the town, then advises the motorist to go and park elsewhere before adding, 'just 'cause you have a jag, doesn't give you the right'.

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In October, the EADT reported how Southwold Town Council had rejected proposals for residents permit parking and a one-way system in the town.

The council's roads committee is also considering implementing 20mph limits around the town and has been commissioning traffic surveys to look into the possibility, while hoping highways authority Suffolk County Council will make an exception to its policy so the 20mph restriction can be applied to A roads.

Currently, the county council does not allow the implementation of 20mph limits on A and B roads, but the A1095, which links up with the A12, is one of the main roads into the town.

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East Suffolk councillor David Beavan, who represents Southwold, wants new measures to be introduced to improve pedestrian safety and ease congestion.

However, he did not agree with homeowners leaving notes on cars.

He said: "It seems to me that this person has a problem and it is not about parking. It is important we have a fair distribution of parking but this sort of behaviour is not warranted or helpful."

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