A villager has hit out at freshly-submitted plans for homes behind a pub over fears the planned access route could cause someone to be seriously injured. 

CPC LTD, on behalf of Cordage 44 Limited, has applied to Mid Suffolk District Council for permission to build houses on an unused plot behind the Six Bells in Felsham, near Bury St Edmunds. 

This is the fifth time plans have been submitted for the site since 2020, with previous ones being refused on the basis of, amongst other things, harm to the character of the conservation area and unacceptable impact on highway safety.

This latest proposal would see two three-bedroom homes built on land to the back of the premises. 

The proposed homes would share the pub's existing access off Church Road, which Nick Panayi, who has lived in Felsham for 27 years, has said would pose a serious danger. 

"That access is on the only road that runs through the village. It is a very busy road," he said.

"The access itself is on a bend, there is not enough visibility to see traffic coming from the east side.

"As cars pull out the only way they can see traffic is to pull out so the front of the cars are in the middle of the road." 

Mr Panayi said the road, which has a 30mph speed limit, is often used by farm vehicles which would pose even more of a danger. 

He also said he is worried potential tenants in the new homes may complain about noise at the pub or nearby garage, which would impact the local businesses. 

"It is a money issue - they do not care about the village, its residents or its community," he said.

"There is no doubt to me that somebody will get seriously injured if this goes ahead." 

A spokesperson for Cordage 44 Limited said the access is currently used by the Six Bells public house and has no record of accidents.

"We are only proposing to add vehicles from two houses to the public house parking traffic, so it is a negligible increase in flows," they said.

"Indeed, County Highways have supported our application and conclude that the proposed access is safe, and a government Inspector recently examined the access and confirmed that it is safe for two additional dwellings.

"Cordage have tried to work with the Local Planning Authority and the government Inspector to arrive at a scheme that all parties are happy with, and we believe this scheme does that.

"Felsham is a delightful village, and two new families will be able to enjoy the area as the existing local population do.

"Also, despite various inaccurate statements, the permission will allow the owners of the Six Bells Public house, to further invest into the village pub, and thus ensure its future for many years to come." 

A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said: "Suffolk County Council has previously accepted the principle of additional dwellings, subject to improvements to the existing access area.

"However, the improvements need to be added to the application before we can withdraw our current objection to the proposal, that will be determined by the Local Planning Authority."