The owners of 14 historic beach huts on a Suffolk seafront - said to be the oldest in England - are hopeful they will hear next week the huts can return to their previous home after being controversially removed.

The campaigners - who call themselves the 14 Homeless Spa Huts - will hear next Tuesday whether East Suffolk Council has given permission for the wooden chalets to be relocated back to a site close to the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe.

Currently, the huts are stood behind metal barriers close to Golf Road car park in Felixstowe.

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In total, 44 huts were moved from near the Spa Pavilion due to partially blocking the prom after beach erosion meant the huts could no longer be sited on the shore.

However, while the council was able to find new homes for 30 of the huts, the remaining 14 had nowhere to go and were instead put into storage near the car park - an area known to campaigners as 'beach hut prison'.

East Anglian Daily Times: Workers remove beach huts from near the Spa PavilionWorkers remove beach huts from near the Spa Pavilion (Image: Harman Hopkins)Ruth Dugdall, who owns one of the 14 huts, said she hoped for an early Christmas present and said the owners had fought hard to get to this point, with the planning system proving their best avenue to bring the huts back into use.

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She said surveys had been carried out which showed that placing the huts on a wooden platform, which is part of the plans, will help to address the concerns about the threat posed by beach erosion.

She described the huts as a 'family asset' that have been in families for a long time, adding that the owners planned to create a heritage asset that reflected the long history - dating back 135 years -  and would be naming each property after a famous Felixstowe resident.

"These huts represent a significant thing for what they are worth, but also the love and the memories.

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"People are really upset about what has happened to their beach huts and I think that is why we fought so hard, because it matters."

Applicant the Felixstowe Beach Hut and Chalet Association is planning to position the huts on the wooden platform on the beach side of the promenade between a public shelter and the Spa Pavilion.

Ruth added: "It has been an incredible journey and it has taken a long time to get to this point. All we want for Christmas is planning permission."

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