An east Suffolk café owner has described how a plant display to make his premises look nice had been destroyed by "mindless vandals" during an apparent spate of Easter attacks in the area.

Lewis Clarke, who owns Crescent Café in Felixstowe, said staff arrived at the Crescent Road business early on Saturday morning to find two plant pots had been kicked over outside the premises.

The café is in a row of shops, which includes Felixstowe Mobility Centre, Simone Michelle the Hair Shop, Felixstowe Indoor Market and Kitz home furnishing store.

Mr Clarke said metal plant pots outside these other units had also been damaged.

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He said he also understood cars had been damaged in nearby Queen's Road and believed the incidents may have been related to drunkenness at the start of the Easter holiday weekend.

He believed someone had already reported the incidents to the police and he said he needed to speak to the landlord of the cafe's property to access CCTV footage.

The plant pots outside the café, which were bought from a nearby branch of DIY chain B&Q last year, will cost between £50 and £100 to replace, Mr Clarke said.

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East Anglian Daily Times: The plant pots were bought from B&Q last yearThe plant pots were bought from B&Q last year (Image: Submitted)"We have got plant pots outside our café, but there are also plant pots outside our neighbouring businesses. The contents were kicked over and spread over the path. Most of it was in the road. It is just mindless damage for a bit of fun," Mr Clarke said.

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He added the aim of installing the plants was to make the area look nice with the summer season coming soon.

"We make it look nice and people just come along and give it a good old boot. We have got a nice reputation here and I think it was someone who had had too many beers and just thought it would be a good idea to kick it," Mr Clarke added.