Call for public feedback on plans for 15-year quarry project next to A12

Draft site plan for the 15-year quarry project.

Draft site plan for the 15-year quarry project. - Credit: Brockley Wood Ventures

Bosses behind a proposed 15-year quarry project near Ipswich have revealed further details about the plans and are asking the public to have their say on the scheme.

Brockley Wood Ventures are proposing to build a new sand and gravel quarry at Brockley Wood, Belstead.

The site covers 35 acres, on the south side of the A12 between Copdock and Belstead, and was allocated for mineral extraction in the Suffolk County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2020.  

Draft landscape restoration plan for the quarry project.

Draft landscape restoration plan for the quarry project. - Credit: Brockley Wood Ventures

A spokesman for Brockley Wood Ventures said: "The application will put forward detailed proposals for the development of the site based on in-depth environmental surveys and technical assessments.

"The development is expected to take place over a period of approximately 15 years and will involve progressive restoration of the site to agricultural use with extensive new landscaping of woodland areas and hedgerows to help screen the site and enhance the natural habitat in the long term.

"To ensure that this takes place there will be a 15-year ecological and landscape management plan which will be implemented in parallel with, and beyond, the life of the quarry."

No plans have yet been formally submitted, but bosses say they would welcome views and comments from the public and local community.

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“The company welcomes constructive comments from the public so that they can be taken into account prior to formal submission of the application," the spokesman said.

"As a local business based in Copdock, the company is keen to ensure that the development takes place in a way which minimizes change to the local environment."

Presentation documents describe how the site contains "an estimated three million tonnes of sand and gravel."

Christopher Hudson, county councillor for Belstead Brook, said: “My constituents are worried and concerned at the environmental consequences of the proposed quarry in this sensitive area, home to badger sets, fauna and flora.

"Additionally, the rumours of thousands of heavy traffic movements through Copdock up Swan Hill and environs will cause a hellish nightmare for quality of life concerns on top of the huge changes planned for Junction 55 at the A12/A14 interchange.

"While change is inevitable, we must mitigate the detrimental effects on people and the environment.“

Comments on the project can be submitted to Neil Ward NAW Planning:

Globe House 4 St Georges Street Ipswich IP1 3LH or Email: