'Nottingham Knockers' have been targeting homes in east Suffolk.

According to Suffolk Trading Standards, the Nottingham knockers were spotted in Knodishall, between Saxmundham and Leiston, on Tuesday evening.

The individuals are reportedly claiming to be on a youth offending scheme.

They are said to be attempting to mend their ways and selling household products at high prices.

Nottingham Knockers work in groups across the country but they are not involved in any officially recognised offender rehabilitation programme.

Many do not possess Pedlar’s Certificates, which are issued by police.

They were reportedly knocking on doors towns across Suffolk earlier this year.

Suffolk Trading Standards warned that the group may still be in the area or could have moved elsewhere in the county.

Homeowners are being advised to not buy on the doorstep and not to buckle under the sales patter being offered.

Trading Standards added that Nottingham Knockers "will be persuasive and possibly aggressive in their tactics".