Alex Reid, ex-husband of celebrity Katie Price, has been jailed for contempt of court after a story by the East Anglian Daily Times exposed a lie in his witness statement.

The mixed martials arts (MMA) fighter was sentenced to eight weeks in prison today at a High Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London after lying about a compensation claim following a car crash.

The cage fighter, who married Katie Price in Las Vegas in 2010 but split from her the following year, was driving his Audi when he was involved in a collision on January 29, 2018.

East Anglian Daily Times: Alex Reid and Katie Price in 2010 when they marriedAlex Reid and Katie Price in 2010 when they married (Image: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire)

The 45-year-old made a claim for £20,000 in compensation.

In a sworn statement submitted for the claim he stated he did not know motorbike rider Darren Summers who he said had witnessed the crash — however this is now known to be untrue.

Reid attended an MMA masterclass at Pipers Vale gymnastics club in 2017 to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, organised by none other than former European and world kickboxing champion Darren Summers.

The East Anglian Daily Times published a story at the time including a quote from Mr Summers which confirmed Reid had trained him for his first cage fight, which he then won.

Insurers for the other driver involved in the 2018 crash Axa Insurance UK, found the original article by the newspaper which confirmed Reid had in fact lied and knew Mr Summers well.

Axa, which has a large office in Ipswich off Civic Drive, initiated High Court committal proceedings against Reid in January and he has now discontinued the proceedings with the insurance company.

Today, Wednesday, April 22, Mrs Justice Eady sentenced him to eight weeks in prison, half of which will be served on license.