See the faces of the criminals who were jailed in Suffolk in the last week

Maria Niculescu (left) and Jordan Clarke were jailed in Suffolk this week

Maria Niculescu (left) and Jordan Clarke were jailed in Suffolk this week - Credit: Suffolk police

A man who broke into a woman's home and shared her intimate images and a drug dealer who attacked his partner are among the criminals who were jailed in Suffolk this week.

Man robbed teenager of mobile phone after threatening him with screwdriver

Nicholas Everett, who was jailed for four years.

Nicholas Everett threatened a boy with a screwdriver in Lowestoft - Credit: Suffolk Police

A teenager was cycling in Lowestoft in June this year when he was approached by 32-year-old Nicholas Everett, who ordered the boy to hand over his iPhone and bag.

Ipswich Crown Court heard Everett moved a screwdriver up to his neck and had taken items worth around £2,000.

Leverett was jailed for four years at the court.

People smuggler tried to bring Albanians into UK in yacht off Suffolk coast

Marco Den Hollander was arrested after Border Force officials intercepted a hired yacht carrying Albanian asylum seekers towards Lowestoft in May of this year.

At Ipswich Crown Court, Judge Martyn Levett rejected the 32-year-old's claims that he had been kidnapped and had a gun pointed to his knee.

The judge told Den Hollander that he was part of a "well oiled chain" of people traffickers before jailing him for five years and seven months.

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Woman stole more than £1,000 worth of alcohol from Ipswich Sainsbury's

Maria Niculescu

Maria Niculescu was caught leaving an Ipswich Sainsbury's supermarket with a trolley full of alcohol - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Maria Niculescu appeared before Suffolk Magistrates' Court to admit two counts of theft from the Warren Heath supermarket in Felixstowe Road.

The 46-year-old was caught leaving the store with a trolley full of alcohol worth £1,060.80 on Saturday, October 2.

Niculescu had also walked out with £1,093 of alcohol on July 20.

She was jailed for a total of 20 weeks and ordered to pay £250 in compensation to Sainsbury's.

Burglar broke into woman's home and shared her private images

Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke broke into a woman's home in Stowmarket - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Jordan Clarke broke into a woman's Stowmarket home and tampered with the plumbing after using a backdoor key.

The woman discovered three weeks later Clarke had also sent intimate photographs to her ex-husband and brother-in-law.

Clarke, 34, was jailed for 32 months at Ipswich Crown Court, having previously admitted harassment, burglary and disclosing private sexual images.

Drug dealer assaulted girlfriend and passers-by on night out

Carl Harris

Carl Harris was jailed for his drunken attack in Ipswich - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Carl Harris drunkenly attacked his partner and three other men in Ipswich in the early hours of New Year's Day last year.

One of the men the 32-year-old attacked required nine stitches and precautionary hepatitis jab.

Four months later, Harris was found in possession of cannabis, weighing scales, cash and a mobile phone containing messages offering drugs for sale.

He was sentenced to a total of 22 months' custody at Ipswich Crown Court.

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