School adopts new name and logo after joining academy trust

Howard Primary has a new logo, which pupils helped design

Howard Primary has a new logo, which pupils helped design - Credit: Anglian Learning 

A primary school in Bury St Edmunds has a new name and logo to mark joining a multi-academy trust.

Howard Community Primary School will now be called Howard Community Academy after becoming part of Anglian Learning in April 2020. 

Prue Rayner, director of primary education at Anglian Learning, said: “It has been remarkable to see the transformation at Howard over the last year.

"We are incredibly proud of the progress that has been made despite the ongoing challenges of Covid-19.  

“It was clear to us from the very start that the school is at the heart of its local community so we have been working closely with our pupils, staff, parents, the PTA and members of the wider community over the last few months to understand what people know and appreciate about our school.  

“Through these conversations, we learnt that the many fantastic things that have been happening in the school over the last few years are not being seen and heard by the wider community, and that people felt our current school logo did not reflect the happy and vibrant school that we all know and love. 

“We hope that this new logo and our new commitments – aspiration, experiences, nurture and community - alongside a more proactive effort to share the positive things that are happening in the school, will help everyone share our excitement, pride and positivity about the school.” 

Howard Primary also has a new name - Howard Community Academy

Howard Primary also has a new name - Howard Community Academy - Credit: Anglian Learning

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The academy worked closely with pupils, staff and parents to create the new logo.

In particular, pupils felt that the logo needed to be brighter, more energetic and fun and wanted to show the community coming together to create something better. 

Alison Weir, acting headteacher at Howard Community Academy, said: “We are very proud of the academy’s new logo and hope that it will become a source of immense pride for the local community.

"I would like to thank all the pupils, colleagues and members of the community who helped us throughout this process - your support has been invaluable.” 

The academy’s new logo will be gradually phased into the school throughout the summer term.

Branded uniform items will be gradually introduced over time and existing uniform will continue to be worn until new items are needed. 

In January we reported that the school received a new minibus that would facilitate trips after lockdown.