1 in 500 people testing positive for Covid as rates level off

The latest coronavirus infection survey has shown large drops around the county

Coronavirus cases in Suffolk have been shown to be levelling off - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

The number of people with the coronavirus in Suffolk has levelled off, new data has shown.

Data from the Office for National Statistics' infection survey showed that the number of people with the virus stayed largely the same

The figures exclude cases in hospitals, care homes and other institutional settings and focus more on community settings. 

The infection survey splits Suffolk into two areas - one area covers the East Suffolk areas, the former Waveney and Suffolk Coastal districts, while the other area covers the remaining districts in Suffolk including West, Mid, Ipswich and Babergh with the addition of the Essex district of Tendring.  

The data, which covers the week to March 20, estimates that in the East Suffolk districts the number of people testing  positive remains at around one in 331 people.

In the larger area of Suffolk, including Tendring, this number remains at around one in 500 people - or 0.2% of the population. 

Overall in the East of England, the number of people testing positive has decreased. 

Nationally, it is believed that around 162,500 people tested positive for the virus in England in that week - about one in 340 people within the population.

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This means that the East Suffolk areas had a higher number of coronavirus cases than the national average.

This data is a few days behind the daily data released by the government.

In recent weeks, this data has shown small increases in cases in some areas of Suffolk while others have continued to fall. This may have contributed to the levelling off effect.