How many houses have been built in Leiston since the start of its Neighbourhood Plan?

Voters in Leiston and Aldeburgh have elected a Green district councillor for the first time.

Hundreds of houses have been built in Leiston in the past few years and many more are on the way - Credit: Archant

Leiston saw applications to build houses flood in from developers when its Neighbourhood Plan, which runs from 2015 to 2029, was being created.

The plan was officially adopted in 2017 and set out rules and policies to shape and influence development in the town.

Net Zero Leiston aims to make the town carbon neutral by 2030

There are also plans to make Leiston town carbon neutral by 2030 - Credit: Archant

According to East Suffolk Council's open data there have been 290 homes built in Leiston since 2015/16 and there are currently 313 housing commitments, which is the number of homes under construction and ones that haven't started but have planning permission.

The total figure for the Neighbourhood plan is 603 homes, though there is room for more developments which could see a further increase to the town's population, which was 5,500 at the last census.

 "There hasn't been too many, nearly all of them have been taken up by people who are desperate for houses," said Aldeburgh and Leiston district councillor Tony Cooper.

Counting underway for Suffolk Coastal wards in the local elections at Martlesham. Tony Cooper, Leist

Aldeburgh and Leiston district councillor Tony Cooper, Leiston Ward - Credit: Archant

"I think we are now reaching our maximum capacity in Leiston at the moment, but I dare say there will be other ones coming along and developers looking for more land to buy.

"There's a large demand - I think we've got 400 people on East Suffolk's waiting list for properties. We need more social housing."

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The Leiston Neighbourhood Plan did look at the impacts to infrastructure in the town, and councillors believe it should be able to accommodate the rising number of people.

It is hoped the influx of properties and people will improve the local economy of the town and see more shops and possibly even another supermarket appear.

Leiston Town Council chairman John Last

Leiston Town Council chairman John Last - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Town council chairman John Last BEM  thinks it is a question of trying to get the right balance between infrastructure and the number of new developments. 

He said: "The town council continually monitor the infrastructure against the number of new residents in the town.

"In general it's been a positive impact, it's given local people the opportunity to obtain affordable housing.

"That puts additional pressures on the town's infrastructure, so we would like to see that the housing development is contained within what's been agreed on the neighbourhood plan."

The town council is also considering a one way system in the town to help deal with the potential influx in traffic that Sizewell C could bring.