Extraordinary meeting to be held for revised Leiston town centre traffic plans

Leiston town centre

Leiston Town Council will be holding a meeting about revised plans for traffic in the town, in preparation for submission to Suffolk County Council Highways - Credit: Katy Sandalls/LTC

Leiston Town Council will be holding an extraordinary meeting next week on revised plans for traffic management in the town, ahead of submitting them to highways.

The new plans include slight changes to a one-way system designed to make the town centre safer, along with cycling routes and bus routes.

The meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday January 18, at Leiston Community Centre.

Some of the changes, listed below, are designed to help the town prepare for the increase in traffic that will arrive if the Sizewell C nuclear power station is approved.

Leiston Town Council

Leiston Town Council's revised plans for traffic in the town centre - Credit: Leiston Town Council

Park Hill/White Horse junction

To improve performance the town council says it needs to change from a four-way signalised junction to three-way.

This would be made possible by Main Street/High Street becoming one-way north to south, thus removing a signal as traffic will no longer exit from Main Street (except cycles).

Main Street/High Street

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The route along Main Street to the High Street car park will be one-way southbound as previously proposed, this means that vehicles coming from Aldeburgh will only be able to reach as far as the High Street car park.

However, the plans have been revised on the High Street so vehicles heading south will now be able to turn left into Sizewell Road or right into Cross Street at the traffic lights.

Sizewell Road/Cross Street

It is now proposed to keep Sizewell Road two-way, so traffic can turn left at the traffic lights off the High Street.

Cross Street would be one-way westbound and the traffic signal on that road removed and northbound down the High Street would no longer be possible.

Sylvester Road/Seaward Avenue

Both roads to remain two-way but the Sylvester Road junction with King Georges Avenue will require further investigation to have a better visibility splay and possibly a filter lane for those vehicles turning left.

Bus and cycle routes

Changes would be made to the cycle route design due to the revisions on the roads no longer within the one-way plans to allow cycle safety.

Bus operators have trialled using Seaward Avenue/Sylvester Road as a possible bus route and feel this would work well and is feasible if the road surface is suitable. This will be taken forward.

Two new bus stops would be located in Sizewell Road and Cross Street, the Cross Street bus stop will replace Main Street when travelling to Saxmundham.

For the full details visit Leiston Town Council's website.

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