Will Lodge: We more than survived our trip to Eurodisney

Will Lodge and family in Paris

Will Lodge and family in Paris - Credit: Archant

Parenting columnist Will Lodge looks at how his family survived a trip abroad

Well, Disney was a huge success – we’ve never seen so many mini-Elsas and Buzz Lightyears (that’s Frozen and Toy Story for the uninitiated).

The journey encountered hardly any difficulties and staff at both ends were very helpful.

There was just a minor hiccup as our taxi transfer was nowhere to be seen when we touched down in Paris, but a surfeit of ready-to-hire taxis soon solved that problem.

That said a practical word of advice for parents flying to Charles de Gaulle airport – it does not allow pushchairs to be either taken or returned at the airplane door like every other airport in the world.

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Baby seemed to enjoy the flight, particularly the lemon biscuits given out by the British Airways cabin crew. She fell asleep five minutes from landing – I’m not sure what was in those biscuits but it did the trick.

The boys loved the plane too, after initially being quite nervous, with our seven-year-old Finley giggling at take off as he couldn’t get his head out of the seat due to the speed.

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However the novelty wore off for the return flight, possibly due to tiredness, and even the view from the window with all of the lights could not interest them.

Our hotel was also brilliant. All facilities for baby were ready and I probably aided their friendly tone by addressing them with my rather rusty French (from which point they refused to speak to me in English).

Swimming was a huge hit, after purchasing speedos to comply with French regulations (much to my wife’s delight).

Baby loves the pool which was a far cry from her first baths.

We didn’t frighten the baby too much with the Disney characters as she seems to have a fear of cuddly creatures at the moment. My wife, ever the psychologist, suggests this is from an early bad experience with a dog.

Eurodisney catered for all of the family, with big scary rollercoaster rides for the older ones and smaller rides which they could still enjoy and on which we could take baby, meaning it truly was a family experience.

Parent swaps were also available for most rides, without a pre-booked pass which you need at some English theme parks, meaning my wife and I could pass each other like ships in the night and both get to go on the attractions without queuing twice.

Overall the holiday was a big hit and we look forwards to going back again when baby is older and wants to dress up as whatever 2020’s Disney hit movie is.

Even our eldest, who will be 17 by then and probably old enough to stay at home with some grandparental supervision, is keen to come back and take his baby sister on the rides.

All we need to do now is restore baby’s sleep routine which has been severely disrupted by our French frolics.

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