'We are in for three, four or five players' - Town CEO Ashton on new signings and deliver 'dramatic change' for Cook

Mark Ashton first day 9

Ipswich Town's new CEO, Mark Ashton - Credit: Ross Halls

Ipswich Town CEO Mark Ashton has revealed the club are currently working on up to five new signings. 

The Blues have already signed Wes Burns and Lee Evans since Ashton began work on June 1 and it’s understood West Brom midfielder Rekeem Harper could potentially become signing number three in the coming days. 

Ashton has vowed to deliver on manager Paul Cook’s desire to bring ‘dramatic change’ to his squad and says new signings could arrive soon. 

“We are in for three, four or five players at the moment,” he said, speaking on the BBC Radio Suffolk Breakfast Show. 

“Are they imminent? The deals will drop when they drop because they have to be right for the club, the agent and the player.  

“We have got two in very quickly and we’re in the mix for a handful more. They will continue to come in over the next few weeks. Watch this space. 

“On the pitch, Paul is very clear that he wants dramatic change and needs that. That’s what we’re in the process of delivering.  

“We’re not here just to plod along and keep the club in League One or even the bottom end of the Championship. We want to build something which has sustainable success that this county and town are proud of. We’ll be relentless in doing that.” 

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When asked how many new faces could arrive in total this summer, Ashton said: “More than a handful. 

“The market is fluid and very unusual at the moment because it’s affected by the pandemic, but we’ll be right at the forefront.  

“We have the salary protocols to adhere to but we’ll fund it right to the max of that, that’s for sure. 

“It changes by the day because you can be in for a player then suddenly it doesn’t happen because that club’s not releasing that player.  

“We’re going to be in for quite a few and it’s going to be a busy summer.”