Mike Bacon: 'I'll ride the good ship 'optimism' if that's alright with you!'

Fans in the stands celebrate Flynn Downes third goal in Ipswich Town's 3-0 victory over Shrewsbury T

Flynn Downes scores, the fans on their feet. There have been far too few joyous times like this in recent years. Perhaps now, under new ownership, Ipswich fans can celebrate again. - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

The morning after the day before!

This really does feel like a new start.

For someone who has supported Ipswich Town since the '70s, I've been hard-pressed, like most, to get my head around its decline in the last decade.

Lee O'Neill has said there is no offer on the table to buy Marcus Evans' out of Ipswich Town

Former Town owner Marcus Evans, his club no more. - Credit: Steve Waller

It's been sad. I've tried to make light of it and laughed at how rubbish we have become. But it's just been gallows humour.

I've felt for all the young tractor boys and girls who have never witnessed what I would call a 'proper' Ipswich Town side. For me, it all started going wrong that fateful night in Lincoln, where we were humiliated in front of the great British public on BBC TV, as we lost 0-1 to a non-league side in the FA Cup.

WE ARE committed to restoring ITFC to its former glory - new owners

That sort of thing only ever happened to other clubs, never my club. We are Ipswich Town. I hated that night with a passion. I've never forgotten it, although it's history now.

And so is Marcus Evans' ownership of our club. I have no bad words towards him, I just feel bitterly sorry for all the wasted years, time and money.

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...So, I hope you don't mind if today I wallow in a bit of over exuberance now we have new owners.

I know all this takeover stuff is no guarantee of success. I know it doesn't mean we will be Premier League in three years. I know it could all go completely belly up - but why should it? Let's be positive.

Ipswich Town could have dedicated entrances for elderly fans when supporters are allowed back to gam

A bit of TLC around the ground would be nice! As well as a huge transfer budget! - Credit: Archant

I'll ride the good ship 'optimism' if that's alright with you.

Optimism that our under-achieving squad will either be pepped up for the last eight games, or cast adrift in the summer if they don't cut it, as others, desperate to play for such a club as ours, are brought in.

Optimism that our ground, so lacking in TLC will be given the make-over it so badly needs.

Ipswich vs Arsenal in the Semi Finals First leg of the Carling Cup match held at Portman Road,Ipswic

Ipswich Town and Arsenal take to the field for their Carling Cup semi-final clash at Portman Road 10 years ago. Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Optimism that once again our football club won't be the butt of jokes about 'big club' in League One, because we'll soon be out of this awful League One and moving up the pyramid.

And most importantly, optimism that our fantastic fan base gets something to seriously get behind and cheer about. To enjoy their football experience again. So 'When Saturday Comes', it really means something for us all again.

OH HAPPY Day! Town fans react to takeover

Which brings me onto Paul Cook. Is he the man for the job under new owners?

Well, listening to them speaking last night, they certainly say he is. And why not?

Ipswich Town manager Paul Cook on the touchline during the Sky Bet League One match at Portman Road,

Paul Cook - deserves every chance now - Credit: PA

I hope Cook gets every chance, years to have a go. He's the most complete footballing manager we've had under the now-gone Evans era. He gets us fans - he understands players.

So, what do I hope for now?

Well, for someone who gloried in the '70s and '80s' European adventures Sir Bobby took us on, as well as the John Lyall, Joe Royle and George Burley years, I can only dream of something similar.

George Burley's Ipswich Town finished fifth in the top flight in 2000/01. Picture: PA

The last time Ipswich Town had any real success - George Burley back in 2000 - Credit: Archant

But quite frankly, I'll be patient.

So long as I - and I'm sure all of us - can see real progress, real ambition and a far better and more passionate style of football at Portman Road, I'll take the ups with the downs that are sure to come.

As a football club we had become a car crash on a road to nowhere.

Now, I genuinely believe we're on a road to somewhere - somewhere far better.

Somewhere our loyal fans deserve.

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