'I don't see any true light at the end of the tunnel' - CEO suggests clubs could pay for Covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 means Ipswich Town fans haven't been inside Portman Road since the 1-0 loss to Coventry City back on March 7.

Ipswich Town and Portsmouth are among a number of League One clubs hit by coronavirus outbreaks. Pompey CEO Mark Catlin says team may have to consider vaccinating players privately to complete the season - Credit: PA

The CEO of one of Ipswich Town's promotion rivals says he can see a moral issue looming in the fight to keep the football season going in the face of the resurgent coronavirus crisis - should players be vaccinated privately?

Portsmouth's Mark Catlin, whose club, like Town, are one of a number of League One sides who have been hit by outbreaks of Covid-19, prompting match postponements, said teams may have to consider paying for vaccinations.

He told the Portsmouth News: "I don’t see any true light at the end of the tunnel until the vaccine starts having an effect.

"I know this opens up a huge moral issue, similar to the tests where clubs and our governing bodies are paying for the tests privately, whether morally it would be right to vaccinate players privately.

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"I just don’t know or have the answers to that and I don’t think anyone does at this moment in time.

"It’s not just in football we need to consider the answers. It’s in politics for MPs and what’s done for front-line workers.

"There’s a question for a whole host of industries. If they have the finances to vaccinate their key staff, I’m sure the question will come in certain industries.

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"Is that the right moral thing to do or not?

"I’m not the moral compass for society, but it’s just a question I can see being thrown out there."

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