Think you can recognise Suffolk well?

Well, it's time to test your knowledge.

Last week, Ed Sheeran released his latest album Subtract and each song had an accompanying music video to go with it.

As revealed in the singer's Disney+ documentary The Sum of It All, all of the music videos were shot in Suffolk - and locals might be able to see some familiar sights.

How many of these 10 locations do you recognise?

1. Salt Water

In the video for Salt Water, Ed looks out to sea while stood on some rocks - but which Suffolk beach is it?

2. Life Goes On

In the second music video, the singer-songwriter is sat on the edge of a boat that is resting near a river - do you recognise it?

3. End of Youth

In End of Youth, Sheeran is joined by children on the playground of a Suffolk school - can you tell which one it is?

4. Colourblind

Colourblind sees the singer return to the beach. Do you know those rocks?

5. Curtains

The music video for Curtains is raking in the streams, but we're still no closer to identifying those tall trees. Do you recognise them?

6. Borderline

This one might be black and white, but this pier should be recognisable to those familiar with the Suffolk coastline.

7. Spark

In the video for Spark, Ed is at the beach again - but is it one that's appeared before?

8. Sycamore

Does anything in the Sycamore music video ring any bells?

9. No Strings

In the video for No Strings, Ed Sheeran hangs from a ladder but eagle-eyed viewers should be able to get a good glimpse of the landscape surrounding him.

10. The Hills of Aberfedly

Lastly, as The Hills of Aberfedly concludes, the star walks over sand dunes and gazes upon the sunset. Is this a view you've seen before?